Aurora Music Lessons

"Aurora Music Lessons has provided an incredible music experience for our family. We interviewed several teachers and from the outset, it was obvious Evan Pilate is a total professional. He is extremely knowledgable and experienced, and that is very apparent. What we weren't prepared for was the rate at which our child would excel at piano. She has taken off completely with the help of Mr. Pilate, and he has become not just a teacher, but a mentor. Our child demonstrates knowledge, confidence, skill, and a genuine appreciation for music. His program is goal oriented, and rewards a prepared student with regular recital opportunities. He is encouraging, nurturing, and overall has such a passion for teaching that it really comes through in results you can hear. As with anything in life, you get what you give. That being said, Evan Pilate is a five star music instructor and provides a fun, rewarding program for an incredible value. Thanks Mr. Pilate"

Sophia Alvarez, parent

"I just performed at my school tonight and this is the first piece I have performed that I have learned by sight reading and not by ear. I want to thank you for always pushing me to become a better pianist because I would not have the inspiration and love for piano if it were not for you."

Charlie Dill, Student

"I have known quite a few Suzuki Teachers in the forty years I have been teaching piano traditionally. Most of them were not as focused and thorough as Evan has been since attending units one and two."

Dr. Mandy Bomar Townend, President of Aurora Music Teacher's Association

"I know firsthand how thorough and well prepared he was for each lesson. Evan is very precise and meticulous about training his students."

Becki Seidl, parent

"As a workshop participant he displayed the qualities that are required for exceptionally fine teaching." 

Jane Reed, Suzuki Teacher Trainer

"I chose to have Matthew continue to take lessons from Evan rather than someone nearby after we moved 40 minutes away because we both knew it was worth the time and effort."

Becki Seidl, parent

"His attention to detail is extraordinary and his zeal for self-development is unequaled. His artistry inspires those who hear him pursue the music both as a listener and a musician."

William Littlejohn, student

"He is generous in his contributions of service to our music teacher organizations, at the state level, as well as the local level, volunteering time and serving as Vice President of our Aurora Chapter."

Cindy Allor, Vice President of Aurora Music Teachers Association

"Evan Pilate is very professional about teaching music. He presents himself to the student in a professional manner."

Wiktoria Pisarek-Green, student

"He is encouraging and supportive. I barely spoke English, but he explains everything really well and is easy to understand."

Billy, student

"Evan is a good teacher. He picks music my daughter enjoys. She learns a lot in every lesson."

Nancy, parent

"Evan is a patient and encouraging teacher."

Karel, student

"Evan tuned our piano and we were so please. He has also been teaching my son piano for the last four years and I highly recommend him as a piano teacher."

Moya Smith