Aurora Music Lessons

Teaching Philosophy

Every student has unique needs. Any student will succeed if the instruction is tailored to their learning processes.


Since every student learns in a different fashion, it is necessary to use both traditional methodology and Suzuki methodology in the studio. Each student is placed in the program that best suits their learning needs.

Suzuki Methodology

The Suzuki Method is particularly effective with children aged three to seven. A young child’s aural capabilities are greatest in the early years of life, and therefore a method which relies heavily on aural stimulation is most suitable. Three and four year old children do not yet have the mental capacities to read music from a page, but are able to learn to play very well by rote. The pupil will learn to read music after their playing abilities are well established. In the Suzuki program, the parent provides the proper home environment so that the child will succeed.

Traditional Methodology

Traditional Methodology is most effective with children aged 8-18. Children in this age range are ready to read notation, so this skill is taught from the beginning. The pupil is taught to identify the notes on the staff and keyboard, to recognize rhythmic structures, basic theory concepts such as key signatures, scales, chords, and forms, and the meanings of musical terms and signs. The different facets of the pupil’s musicianship mature together and produce a well rounded player.